Walden Articulating 4x4 Loader (Enderby)

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make / manufacturer: Walden
model name / number: 5000
Walden Articulating 4x4x Loader with Forks and Snowblade

Comes with adjustable Pallet Forks , Bucket , Snowblade , Hydraulic Winch , trailer hitch , Round Bale point

Needs engine install , currently has Ford 4 cylinder industial diesel that a local business we shall call unreliable subbed out elseware ( with out disclosure verbally or written ), Quoted me $3000 , charged me $4000 and were unable to give warranty ( a word often used to give or get satisfaction ) when the timing gears That They did not Get replaced in the rebuild ( As they did not Do the rebuild ) Because the Guy who rebuilt it apparently did not change old timing gear , it

, had bent pushrods , may not have impacted valves or pistons , just not made time to tear down ?

Though this disclosure is meant for benifit of new purchaser ,to understand there may be worth in tearing down engine ,cleaning it and fixing if only pushrods bent.

There is no blame attached , as simple lesson of cause and effect and i was inexperienced in such buissness dealings and the folks at shop who subbed it out did try to do best they could under the odd circumstances

Basically got another donor engine to install,in last couple years,,, it awaits and shall install by this summer if not sold before.

Have had the hydraulic drive motor checked and resealed by shop that subbed out job at cost less than $300
Had cylinders rebuilt at a local machine shop ..cylinders rebuild cost approx $700 ,

Installed wider rims and heavy duty skid steer tires.

Have a really nice Perkins 3 cylinder diesel for potential install ( this engine has been checked ( by mechanic i trust ) and run well)

This machine has lifted 3000 lb cars up above 4 ft , very heavy lumber lifts off ground ,50 foot large fir logs and much as its so compact and maneuverable.

Heavy duty tires and rims upgrade, wider stance and slightly taller.

Has had new articulating center or pivot pin replaced

Options are :
buy whole package $9000 and complete as you wish.
buy package without Perkins Diesel $5000

Open to partial trades
looking for 73-92 1 ton 4x4 chev or Ford 4x4 1 ton up to 97 prefer standard tranmission and hand crank windows willing to consider gas model in either make , though open to talk details.

This machine has sat since the timing gear failure ( will look up credit card recipt for accurate timeline on rebuild and add time used before acctual failure for clarity sake )
the Perkins replacement engine has sat for just under two years since last fired up ( it came from a genset application ).

Only two inquieries so far and both for interest and quality control shared the concept of " gaslighting " which is a definition easily looked up .
Guess if you will ,,,who ? would find fault in a man sharing as best his memory and detailed and carefully chosen words portray disclosure for this machines next owner

I have reviewed this advert and trust the confidentaility of all parties is private and secure , only craiglist has record of the gaslighting emails and lets keep it that way ..

This machine needs brakes ( ford 1 ton diffs ) checked after sitting perhaps 10 years.( shall update once recipt looked up )
needs engine asseessed and fixed Or changed
needs new engine mounted and pump atteched

My price is open , as i understand folks like to get better than asked for deal.

thanks for reading this far.

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