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Lovely Dog to Amazing Home - delivery available anywhere (Osoyoos)


*** please ensure that you read the WHOLE AD. ***
Hi! Meet Bella. Bella is a very sweet, playful, intelligent 3 year old dog who is looking for the right home. I love her and it's important to me that she find a great home with the right person or people, so forgive me for the long ad... It needs to be thorough, to save us all time in the long run.
The good:
* smart and trainable (she learned to pull a sled quickly!)
* affectionate to people and loves to cuddle
* super (and I mean super) athletic. Want to win Superdogs or Agility? Here ya go.
* hunting dog? She could probably take down an elk if given the chance. Maybe bark/bite or K9 unit? Cheaper than a Maligator and every bit as effective.
* great with kids (we have a 4 yr old and a 1 yr old)
* great with cats
* kennel trained
* doesn't chew things
* very healthy
* loves car rides
* excellent rodent & marmot hunter
* thunderstorms, fireworks, hunting? No problem, she'll snooze on the couch with no effs to give
* knows to keep her distance from the table when we are eating (but loves to vacuum up the baby's mess when she gets the green light)
* getting better at walking calmly on leash but could still use some work
* clean - she's not a gross dog. Never stinky, doesn't roll in disgusting stuff. I've never given her a bath; haven't needed to.
* chill - when we have company she does of course like to greet them, but she has excellent manners and doesn't jump all over people. We have a strict "4 on the floor" policy where the dogs' existence doesn't get acknowledged unless they are behaving properly.
* Look at her! Everyone (literally everyone) who meets her remarks on her beauty. They're like "Wow, that's a good lookin' dog there. Oh, and uh, your other dog, well, he seems nice... But wow she is gorgeous!"

The not-so-good:
* high prey drive- she will chase livestock (horses and goats so far) if given the chance. We corrected this with a zap collar, but with small kids the door sometimes gets opened and she gets out without the collar on. Full disclosure, she did (and likely will again if given the chance) attack a goat. I expect she will do the same with other critters, though most of the time she follows her handler's cues.
* remember the athletic thing? This is awesome except when the obstacle she is effortlessly leaping over is your fence. I shit you not, this dog can clear a 6 foot fence without even trying. I was impressed... The neighbours, not so much. An in-ground or GPS zappy fence would likely work fine for her though, as she knows the "beep" on her collar is a warning to smarten up pronto.
* medium to high energy - not like neurotic or anything. She really isn't even what I would call "high energy," as she is perfectly content to snuggle up on the couch (Netflix marathon?) for hours on end. She also doesn't go insane if you go out shopping or something.
*That being said... She is probably not suited to a home where she is left alone for 8 to 10 hours a day. If you have a fully enclosed dog run (and I do mean fully) then she would probably be just fine while you're at work. She loves to be outdoors and her thick coat keeps her well insulated from the elements. She does tie on a cable or high-line (she will chew thru a rope in 30 seconds) but we don't want her to spend her life tied up. (We can discuss this though if you have a truly epic high-line for dogs and it's not an all-day every day thing.)
* other dogs, sometimes maybe? She lives with our other dog, who is older and maybe not the brightest crayon in the box. 99% of the time they get along fine. Now and then he does something to piss her off and... Well, they try to kill each other. He is too proud to know when he's beat (and boy is he ever beat) and the few times they have fought, we have had to physically separate them to stop the fight. (Note: the zap collar puts an end to that lickety split, too.)
So she really *is* an awesome dog, but we can't have her chasing the livestock. She is a good dog and deserves a good home, so we are committed to finding her a great fit. I'm not a snob; you don't need to be rich or a dog whisperer or anything. I just need to know that you have time and space for her for the next 10 to 15 years, that you are physically strong enough to walk her without getting dragged down the road or anything if she sees a squirrel, and that you aren't a jerk.
She will come with her kennel (or her house as we call it - it's 3x bigger than her so she is quite comfortable in there) and with her training collar, as well as a primer on how to use it effectively and humanely.
Sorry to be nosey but yes, I will need to see your place. No, I don't care if it's messy. I don't care if you live in your van. I don't care if you have Britney posters on your walls. I just need to ensure the fences will hold her in so she doesn't end up on Canada's Most Wanted for helping herself to a flock of chickens. :/ (side note: idk if she would actually chase chickens or not. I'm going to assume a strong "maybe.")
She IS very adaptable and would be great for pulling a sled or cross-country skiing. She pulled our firewood sled around last winter, as well as towed my 4 year around in her sled, too.
Instead of charging a rehoming fee, we will instead meet at the vet of your choice so you can pre-pay for her future spay. She keeps going into heat (ugh, thanks neighbour dog) and we've had to cancel every spay appointment I've made for her :/ supposedly that should start to level out soon though, and theoretically she should get less grumpy with other dogs after that as well.
Did I mention she is great on car rides? Oh yes. To prove that you really did read all this, please title your email with a type of fruit. I will ignore all other emails because if you really can't commit to reading a long ad, you definitely can't commit to a live animal.
We are located in Bridesville, between Rock Creek and Osoyoos. I can deliver her pretty much anywhere as road conditions allow. If you are interested in Bella, please drop me a line and tell me about yourself and the kind of home you can offer Bella.

Thank you for reading :)
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